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12 Principles of Raising Great Kids

Dr. Meg’s comprehensive 12-part framework for raising healthy, happy, well-behaved kids in a complex world. If you only get 12 things right over the course of your child’s life, these are the 12 things!

Raising great kids requires a plan.

This is the plan you need!

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NFL Fatherhood Initiative

As a pediatrician who has listened to thousands of children cry over the fathers they never knew, I know how critical it is to our children to be impacted by great dads. NFL Player Engagement’s Fatherhood Initiative is about engaging NFL players on the subject of parenting, and using their stories to provide inspiration and tools for all men—in the locker room and beyond—to be great fathers.

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Food for the Hungry

As a pediatrician, I wondered how I could impact the lives of the poorest of the poor children in areas where no one wanted to go. That’s when I found Food for the Hungry.

The work that Food for the Hungry is doing in Bolivia is changing generations of lives. The Little One’s Program helps mothers and fathers and their children, specifically in the first three years of their life.

When you strengthen a parent in a village in the middle of nowhere, you strengthen their children, you give hope to their children – hope to all the other parents, hope to the community – that is how you crush poverty.

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