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How to Keep Your Kids Safe in a Tech-Sex-Drug-Filled World

Parenting is one of the greatest joys in life, but it can also be the most terrifying. The culture today is neither parent-friendly nor child-friendly, and there are many obstacles in our path. The media influences our kids in increasingly negative ways; classmates can hurt them, and some ill-intentioned adults lurk in the shadows to lure them toward bad things.

In this online course, part of The 12 Principles Of Raising Great Kids, Dr. Meg shares wisdom from her more than 30 years as a pediatrician and parent about better understanding the culture in which you are raising your child, coaching you on how to invest in, fight for and guide your child through the waters they must sail in today’s world.

Raising kids in the world today is scary, but you don’t have to do it alone.


  • Video Lesson
    • One on One introductory lesson with Dr. Meg to start the connection with your child on these sensitive topics
  • 4 written lessons
  • 4 short audio lessons
    • Quick one-minute lessons with Dr. Meg on individual topics to discuss with your child
  • E-book download
    • The e-book download shares sensitive topics to cover with your child like dealing with society in a sex-filled world; electronics, drugs, depression, anxiety and how to lead them through each topic.
  • 9 Essentials download
    • A quick reference of nine essential things that you as a parent must do in order to connect with your child. These essentials are the only ways to help him or her feel secure enough to navigate hard issues wisely.
  • Family discussion guide download
    • A step by step guide to walk you through sitting down and talking about how to navigate through this big scary world.
  • Fridge facts download
    • This printable download offers 10 ways to remind you and your child how to navigate this world – with the added convenience of sticking it on your fridge where they are guaranteed to see it!
  • Bonus audio & video resources
    • Extra videos with Dr. Meg to dive deeper into navigating through these sensitive subjects with your child.


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