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Hero Book Bulk Purchases

Purchase copies of Hero in bulk for your small group, organization or even your employees. Receive 30% off when you purchase copies of Hero in bulk, plus the following:

  • 1-6 cases (18-108 books) – Receive a 30 minute Q&A with Dr. Meg
  • 7-28 cases (126-504 books) – Receive a 60 minute Q&A with Dr. Meg; one of the cases will be signed; a thank you posted on Dr. Meg’s social media channels
  • 29+ cases (522+ books) – Receive an in-person visit* and/or keynote* address by Dr. Meg; a one-hour book signing or private dinner for up to 10 with Dr. Meg; a thank you/picture posted on Dr. Meg’s social channels

*Pending availability; purchasing party responsible for travel expenses

**Upon purchase, please contact to coordinate scheduling and travel details.

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