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Circumcision in boys

Circumcision in boys

I recently received this question from a reader through Twitter. I thought this would be a great subject that will hopefully inspire you to share your opinion, readers: 

Dear Dr. Meg: What’s your opinion on circumcision?

As a pediatrician. I advocate circumcision for infant boys. Here’s why. Some studies show that circumcision reduces the risk of urinary tract infections, perhaps meningitis and it lowers the risk of penile cancer. There are other reasons that circumcision can help boys and this is more of a social issue. Most boys in the US are circumcised and as they move into junior high and high school, they shower together. Some boys feel strongly about wanting to fit in and therefore like being circumcised.

I advocate circumcision but don’t push parents. I have personally seen a number of boys over my 25 years, who have had complications from not being circumcised and they have had to get circumcised later in childhood. This is tough for them to go through. Certainly, many boys who aren’t circumcised grow up completely fine. I often leave the decision about circumcision of sons to the father. Many fathers have strong opinions and I feel that it is important to honor those decisions.

What’s your opinion, readers?



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