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The 12 Principles of Raising Great Kids

A Digital Course from Dr. Meg Meeker

Uncover the steps every parent must take to ensure their child’s success, happiness and future.

The Principles

Each principle is a critical element that you must learn, study, practice and master as a parent. Parenting well is hard, but it is not impossible. When you focus on the right things, you’ll see changes in your children, changes in your home and you’ll enjoy parenting so much more.

You can do this. Here are the principles we cover:


How to Have the Talk With Your Kids

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Having Trouble Getting Started?

Here’s what you’ll find in each principle:

  • Introduction and main video
  • Learn: Brief written lessons on the bigger topic, designed to break the topic into smaller, more bite-sized chunks
  • Listen: One-minute snippets of wisdom from Dr. Meg.
  • Study: A downloadable eBook packed full of in-depth teaching
  • Go Deeper with Dr. Meg: A collection of audio and video resources that feature the best of Dr. Meg and respected colleagues.
  • Family Notes: A downloadable guide that equips you to make the teaching practical through a family meeting.
  • Fridge Facts: A printable of reminders and encouragements to place on your fridge.